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Benefits of Under 1,000cc Cars in Korea

Benefits of Under 1,000cc Cars in Korea

History of Korean 'Light Cars'

If you want to know the history of light cars or mini cars in Korea, you need to know history of Daewoo Tico. In 1991, Daewoo first produced a vehicle named Tico. This is the beginning of light Korean cars. First time ever we had a car that is under 800cc with 3 cylinders. For that, we have many jokes. Such as 'Tico can not go on a highway' or 'Do you know the reason why Tico goes fast?' The answer should be "because, then, it looks like Kia Pride'.

Despite of its price, then it was a little bit more than 5 million won, it was not popular. Not until our economy was hit by the world crisis in 1997. That year Hyundai started producing Atoz, Kia soon was going to release Visto. Rocket-high-gasoline-price made people think differently. People now started to think more practicality rather than how they appear in public.

Tico was doing OK but people started buying Atoz. People were also waiting for Visto. Tico did not have power stiring but two other models did. They look better and more powerful. Daewoo needed new model. In 1998, Daewoo launched Matiz. It really did kill both models and kicked them out of the market. Atoz lasted until 2001 and Visto 2004. Now Matiz is the only player in the field. Did both companies completely leave mini-car market? Hyundai has but not Kia.

Kia started producing Morning, 1,000cc with 4 cylinders. Totally new design with good price, only between 9~10 million won. Even though it has many good points, it was not selling well. Do you know why? Morning did not fall in government's 'light-car' category. However ever since Morning also became part of this category starting year 2008, it is selling well, I mean really well. Last year Daewoo introduced another Matiz called 'Matiz Creative'. with whole lot new different style.

So what are the benefits of a car under 1000cc?

1. Tax free
Normally you have to pay 6~9% of purchasing price. However you pay nothing for 'light car'.
2. Half everything
Half toll fee, half Namsan tunnel fee, half public parking lot fee, etc.
3. Insurance
About 10% cheaper.
4. Road Tax
About 100,000won per year. 1600cc like, Avante, about 270,000won per year.

Feel like buying 'light car' now?

Price of new cars
Kia morning 12M won
Daewoo Matiz 11M won

I deal with brand new cars as well. Enjoy your day!

Written by Jonathan


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