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Registration Process

[ Person to Person ]

If two parties can show up at a gu office,
it is the easiest process of all.
(It can be other places such as city hall or vehicle registration office depending on your local situation)
# Gu office is a kind district office.

1) Your ID card(Alien Registration card)
2) Vehicle registration(Of course original, If you do not have it, you can ask for one in the same office)

1) Your ID card(You know which one already)
2) Insurance receipt

Very easy except YOU have to fill out a bill of sale and an application. You(Seller) might see some surprises such as parking tickets and speeding tickets, etc. Everything has to be cleared up before doing the transaction. If the buyer agrees to accept all the fines, this also could be transfered to the buyer without having to pay anything yet.


'What the heck is inghom, by the way?'you might ask. When signature is for westerners inghom is for Koreans. Inghom(seal, stamp or chop whichever you may call it) is a unique method of signature system in Korea. When you want to say 'YES' officially, you can use it.
This is a way of giving a power of attorney.

Way to do it.
1) Make a seal.(You can easily find a kind store where they make this. It can be in Korean but better in English)
2) Bring your passport and alien registration card.
3) Go to YOUR gu office and register your chop.
4) Issue your certificate.
5) Stamp your seal wherever is necessary.

Should you have any further questions, call me up. I will help you without any charge.

Written by. Jonathan Park


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