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Vehicle related tax system in Korea?

Vehicle related tax system in Korea
'Do as Romans do when in Rome' so saying goes.
I am sure you want to know how the road tax system works in Korea in order for you to act like a local.

Environment Improvement Tax
If you own a diesel car you need to pay 'Environment Improvement Tax' which is extra. This started in 1993.
How to calculate this is somewhat complicated.
So we do not want to go there.
Simply put, you have three factors to determine how much you will have to pay.

One, where is your vehicle registered?
Two, how big is the engine?
Three, how old is your car?

Ex1) You are from Seoul with Galloper 2001.
You will be paying roughly 100,000won every 6 months.

Ex2) You are from Gyunggi province with Sorento 2004.
You will be paying around 32,000won every 6 months.

Same car, same year from two different areas can already make big difference.
The most expensive place is Seoul as you can imagine.

Regular Tax
Here in Korea we pay road tax by engine size plus age of car.
I have attached a table for you.

Written by. Jonathan Park


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